A few years ago, a good friend suggested to me that I write a book, an autobiography if you will, detailing the course of my life and its difficulties. I was intrigued with the idea, but my teaching schedule had prevented me from doing anything other than entertaining the thought. Many impressions have been at the back of my mind for the past several years, and these impressions have been coming to the forefront. I had a creative spurt with my writing and thoughts about two years ago, where I created a blog, "My Journey of Hope." However, after a few short months, my health issues rose to the forefront, and family issues took over again, and I had to stop posting. I am finally processing my thoughts and emotions again, and I'm excited to continue this journey. 

I will be transferring some of those older posts from my previous blog to this new blog. I believe I am ready to continue my journey of understanding, faith, and healing.

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